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our sailing experiences

Sea Scent Experience

A 3 to 4 hour experience, suitable for up to 12 guests
If you wish to combine your day with a guided tour in the streets of Acre or you are staying in one of the surroundings hotels and looking for an unique way to spend your evening or can't spare more than a few hours in your tight schedule, we offer you our Sea Scent Experience. After a refreshing and sweet reception and a short briefing, we sail out to sea for about an hour and a half.
While sailing near the Acre walls, with a glass of wine or cold beer in your hand, you will hear about the long maritime history of Acre.  We then set to sail to Acre bay, where we will drop our anchor off shore.
The Acre bay is actually the only natural bay in Israel, deep enough for yachts to anchor, it is well sheltered from the wind and sea, so we will enjoy calm and inviting waters. This is the time to jump into the water, under the warm sun or under the stars and moonlit nights.  At any time, towels and hot showers will await you on deck.
After a rich  dinner cruise, we will enter the marina. This is the time to say farewell until our next adventure.

A Day On The Water  

A 6 to 8 hour experience, up to 12 guests

We can offer you a few hours of refuge from your hectic schedule to relax and enjoy the lovely view of the Israeli shores.  After a refreshing reception and a quick briefing we sail out to sea along the northern shores of Israel for 3-4 hours.  During sailing we can tell you our sea tales we gathered over the years, introduce you to the way of sailors, and offer enriching explanations on the shore sites and landscape from the sea. If desired, you can help sailing the yacht. We can tow a fishing rod and if we catch a fish, we guarantee fresh and delicious ceviche. The crew will host you from the moment you come aboard until your safe return to our home port
During the sailing we offer you the best beers from local boutique breweries and wine from the small wineries located in the north of Israel, delicious light refreshments & fruits
We sail back to the Acre bay, where we will drop anchor off-shore outside the walls and stay there for 3-4 hours. This is the time to jump to the water, snorkel around, skip around with our dinghy, or just relax on deck, in front of a marvelous view.  One of the highlights is our dinner cruise, served on deck. At the end of the day we will enter the harbor and bid you farewell until next time


Romantic Night on the Water

A unique experience for couples that seek a romantic indulgent night instead of an ordinary accommodation in a hotel or lodge. The Mañana will give you an opportunity to spend the night on the water, in Acre bay near the ancient walls. Peaceful waters around you, stars in the sky, a luxurious yacht and crew that will host you from the moment you come aboard until your safe return to our home port.
We will meet onboard the Mañana about one hour before sunset. After a welcome reception and quick brief, you will receive the master bedroom cabin, a large beautiful cabin with its own private bathroom.
We shall then sail out to sea to watch the sunset coloring the sky and sea in gold and red. This will be the perfect time for cold sparkling wine and delicious light refreshments.
When arriving to Acre bay we will anchor close to the city and yet far enough away that you will enjoy full privacy. You can take a swim in the warm waters or relax against the view with good music and a glass of wine. If you desire a walk in the ancient city, we will transport you ashore with our service dinghy while the yacht waits in the bay.
Diner will be served on the stern deck or, if preferable, at one of the excellent fish restaurants in Acre.
In any case, we insist that you will have your dessert on deck, in a fabulous romantic atmosphere.
Wines, beers and other beverages, along with fruits and a variety of cookies will be available at all times.
When morning comes after a lovely starry night and a morning swim, a rich Israeli breakfast will be served.
.At about 11:00AM we will set sail to our home port and bring you safely ashore